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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Photographer catches mystery woman Patti Austin and "Luv Guv" Bentley taking in the festivities at Donald Trump Inauguration in D.C., with "Drinking Guy"

"Luv Guv" Bentley and Patti Austin
(From Inside Alabama Politics)
We recently reported on Patti Jackson Austin, the Baldwin County real-estate agent and "mystery woman" who accompanied former Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley on a state airplane to the Trump Inauguration in January. Now, we have photographic evidence that Ms. Austin and the "Luv Guv" were mighty chummy while in Washington, D.C.

Unlike John Archibald of al.com, we don't take credit for breaking stories that others actually broke. On the Austin story, we were the first to identify her as Bentley's "guest" -- so I guess we deserve partial credit for breaking it. But we were not the first to report on the gist of the story. And we certainly were not the first to provide photographic evidence of the pair at a Washington gala.

That honor belongs to Inside Alabama Politics (IAP), the venerable subscription-based newsletter that has been dishing dirt and landing scoops on state politics for years. As you can see from images above and below, the nosy folks at IAP (I like nosy folks) landed proof that Bentley had a lovely guest on his arm. And it wasn't Rebekah Caldwell Mason -- although she and husband Jon also were on the state plane, and surely were in the immediate vicinity when these photos were snapped.

Here is one problem with the photos: A guy who seems to have a serious drinking problem is caught guzzling beer in both shots. We don't know if this was an intentional "photo bomb" or he just happens to be the "Forrest Gump of the Washington social scene."

Either way, the photo at top catches Ms. Austin looking back over Bentley's right shoulder toward the photographer. One senses that she is not thrilled to see a photographer nearby. One also senses the photographer is trying to take the snaps on the down low, perhaps explaining why he didn't tell "Drinking Guy" to get the hell out of the way.

Austin, Bentley, and "Drinking Guy"
From Inside Alabama Politics
In the second photo, Ms. Austin barely can be seen behind Bentley's left shoulder. It's as if she's doing her best to hide from the photographer. Meanwhile, "Drinking Guy" is in the foreground, apparently determined to wind up in a gutter by 2 a.m. (Maybe he's a liberal who was trying to get blotto in an effort to forget who was being inaugurated; can't blame him there.)

Here is the IAP news item that accompanied the photographs:

Last week Inside Alabama Politics broke the story Governor Robert Bentley had a date accompany him to Washington D.C. for the inauguration festivities of President Donald Trump. Also along on the flight to D.C. was the Governor’s 44-year-old alleged mistress Rebekah Mason and her husband Jon. When questioned by the media Bentley has only referred to his mystery date as an unnamed special guest and has declined to release her name. IAP has since learned she is a 54-year-old real estate agent from Orange Beach, we have decided not to identify her by name. She is pictured below (looking strikingly similar to Rebekah) at one of the inaugural parties with the Governor along with an unknown beer guzzling photo bomber.

What's with this idea of not identifying Ms. Austin, by name? IAP obviously knew who she was, name and all. What's the fun in not naming her?

We have to consider that a journalistic fumble on IAP's part, so we were happy to pick up the loose ball and run with it. But we give props to our colleagues for being the first to get the general story out there -- especially with photos.

For now, we only can hope someone has helped lift "Drinking Guy" out of the gutter.


Anonymous said...

Do you notice, with exception of the brew master in photos, there are not any appearances of a lot of other people around these two individuals, as can be noticed in background one photo; or should that opinion be concluded as an optical illusion. Not all smiles and faces playing well together, maybe?

Anonymous said...

lolol... "Drinking Guy" seems to have brought along Miss Va-Va-Voom 1973 (see bottom photo, right rear, wrapped in foil) to celebrate. Perhaps he needed lots of liquid courage to tackle such a yuge-e-e-e example of fireworks.

legalschnauzer said...

@12:02 --

That is interesting. You'd think the place would be packed with joyous Republicans after eight years of Obama. Hah!

legalschnauzer said...

@12:15 --

Great comment. Made me cackle. I needed some liquid courage that night, too, and still do -- with President Cheeto in office.

Anonymous said...

@12:02--@12:15 here--I wouldn't read anything into it. Most of the public Inaugural Balls are full of the hoi polloi--it's a boring, grubby spectacle for public consumption. The elites that have given big money are partying elsewhere, mostly out of sight at private functions.

Anonymous said...

If Ms. Austin is mid 50s and can fit into that dress, I say, "Bravo for her."

Anonymous said...

Ow Lord! Please don't tell me that Patti's middle name is Rebecca.

Anonymous said...

In the top picture, it looks like Bentley's date is entranced by a moth flying out of his ear.

Anonymous said...

I bet Luv Guv took his date for early horse doovers, so he could hustle her back to the room for some canoodling and heavy breathing.

e.a.f. said...

Perhaps "drinking" guy is a "friend" of Ms. Austin.

If he is only a governor he may not have qualified for the 'real party'. It is doubtful the 'arm candy" went along for the ride and party because the governor was such a fun, good looking guy. You'd be surprised what real estate agents will do for a sale. If he was going to be tossed from the Govenor's mansion and his former wife had the family pile, he might have been in need for additional housing. Perhaps the "drinking guy" was simply an associate of the real estate agent, Ms. Austin. Ah, well, who is the new governor in Alabama?

legalschnauzer said...

e.a.f --

Our new governor is Kay Ivey. She was Lt. Gov., and got moved up when Luv Guv shipped out.

Anonymous said...

You have it wrong. When the truth comes out hopefully Ms. Austin will sue you for defamation, or at least get to slap you across the face. It will be interesting to see if you print a retraction.

legalschnauzer said...

@5:58 --

Well, who are you and who do you think went? You can contact me at rshuler3156@gmail.com or (205) 381-5673. I guess you are saying IAP had it wrong, too? For the record, I contacted Ms. Austin prior to publication, and she had every opportunity to show it was not her on the trip. She did not respond. Who is going to provide the information that shows I'm wrong and due to print a retraction?

Anonymous said...

@5:58 -- Is that you, Patti????

Anonymous said...

Off topic: I'd love for you to delve into the lawsuit Bryan Taylor filed against the Alabama Political Reporter.

Anonymous said...

That isn't the same guy. Jeez.

legalschnauzer said...

@10:18 --

They both look like Bentley to me.

legalschnauzer said...

@9:23 --

That's a good idea. I did write 3-4 posts when the lawsuit first was filed. I thought the case probably had been dropped or settled, but that's obviously not the case, based on Bill Britt's column yesterday. Bryan Taylor sounds like an enormous schmuck. I hope the Britts are able to get attorney fees and costs and damages from his young ass. They could file a counterclaim for abuse of process, or if they win, they could file one for malicious prosecution. Here is one of my early posts on subject:


Anonymous said...

Just my opinion ! Not factual. I gotta rib the Love Gov. A little. Every time I see him Barry White songs start playing in my head. He should give advice to Leon Phelps on Saturday Night Live's Ladies man skit.
What up playa ?

Anonymous said...